how we do it

We choose the most appropriate methodologies to fit clients’ needs and budgets and, above all, methodologies that are the most suitable for and sensitive to the targets we are exploring.  As far as possible we work within natural environments as these are the most relaxed, reassuring and revealing. 

We have an in depth understanding of differences in developmental stages, cultural experiences and specific consumer typologies and use this knowledge to ensure that we speak to people using psychographic criteria rather than being held back by demographic constraints.  We do not look at projects in isolation, instead we incorporate general and specific trends into each project so our outputs are contextual, meaningful, useable and actionable.

We take time to fully understand our clients’ specific needs, sometimes working with our clients to create a brief, we often challenge the briefs we receive and always ensure that the most insightful approach is used rather than the most obvious approach.

how we do it
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